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Apakah yang dimaksudkan dengan vitamin semulajadi, masih ramai yang mempertikaikan vitamin semulajadi. Kenapa ianya berbeza dengan Vitamin yang lain yang terdapat dalam pasaran.Berikut adalah email daripada pihak Shaklee yang menjawab persoalan status vitamin semulajadi.

“Natural, organic, chemical-free, preservative-free, etc.”

Dear Amber,

By all means, use the term “natural”when describing Shaklee products, because they are as natural as possible. We challenge any other manufacturer of competitive products to prove they are more natural and effective than Shaklee products.

While our raw materials may include organic ingredients, Shaklee quality assurance and ingredient specifications ensure a standard that is often higher than organic. Shaklee tests raw materials that go into our products for contaminants with the requirement that they be present below the legal standard or not detectable at all.

Strictly speaking, everything is made of chemicals. What consumers really need to consider is the presence of harmful or harsh chemical ingredients.

No Shaklee product—dietary supplement, personal care product, household product—contains harsh or harmful chemicals in their formulations or ingredients of any kind that are shown to be harmful to human health.

In order for some products to have a useful shelf life, some must contain preservatives of some sort, especially if they contain lots of natural ingredients. Just as fresh fruits and vegetables deteriorate very quickly, unless something is done to preserve them, consumer products need protection, too. This is one reason for expiration and “use by” dates.

No Shaklee dietary supplement contains artificial preservatives (or colors, flavors, or sweeteners). They are formulated in such a way that nutritive ingredients, such as vitamin C, “self-preserve” the supplement over its usable shelf life. Some personal care products and cosmetics often require mild preservatives to prevent microbial infestation and cross contamination after opening. Without them, they would pose a health hazard after a very short time.

Household products don’t require preservatives. Hope this helps, Amber. If you need additional information, please let me know and I will do my best to provide it. In the meantime, best wishes for health. Have a great day.

Keith Anderson
Shaklee Field Communications

Secara kesimpulannya disini ialah

Vitamin natural shaklee dibuat dengan proses natural, tidak gunakan bahan kimia, alkohol etc.
Vitamin organik dibuat dr bahan natural juga tp proses dia mungkin ada guna bahan2 kimia.


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